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  • 504 VFS - About Us

  • Background

    The 504VFS is a rebirth of the once renowned VVS504, The VVS504 was one of the premier 'Red' Squadrons in Lockon Modern Air Combat. At its peak the 504 had 30+ active pilots flying almost nightly to become the best squadron it could possibly be. The Squadron was divided in to 3 wings, flying Fighters like the Mig-29 and SU27, Bombers, flying the SU25 and SU25T and a helicopter wing flying the KA50.
    In late December 2007 with dwindling numbers and differences of opinion in direction, with the pull of the new KA50 at the time, and staying with the old Flaming cliffs the squadron split, the 51st PVO was born from that, and they continue to this day flying 'Red' and holding the best traditions of the 504. Soon after the split, due to a lot of changing circumstances and real life events the 504 lowered its colours and was officially decommissioned.
    Due to very close friendships, the 504 never truly died, several members kept plugging away, flying together with the vision of one day getting the 504 back on it’s feet.
    With the release of the Harrier, and a growing group of friends looking to make a more serious effort of getting back in to the DCS World arena, the 504VFS (Virtual Fighting Squadron) has now been born. We aim to bring back the values of the 504 with fun professionalism. We may not do everything by the book, but we do what works. We aim to be the best we can be, whilst keeping it as light hearted, fun and engaging as possible.
    Expect to hear such things as ‘it’s left o Clock’ ---‘ No the other left’ and ‘What mountain’ ---- ‘That one you’re about to fly in to’
    I’d like to add a big salute to the old breed of 504, who got me hooked on Lockon, and why to this day I love everything DCS related wherever you are, and whatever you are now doing we’ll never forget you.

    What do we fly

    We fly using Digital Combat Simulator (DCS World). DCS is a simulator developed by Eagle Dynamics. Offering a range of airframes that are study level simulations, DCS is a perfect arena for us to grow as a squadron. 


    Our main aim is to have fun. We try to find the perfect balance between fun and seriousness to ensure that members of all abilities are able to enjoy themselves.

    Official Flight Nights

    Wednesday - Training Night

    Sunday - Campaign Night

    How to apply

    If you wish to apply to become part of the group please follow the instructions below;

    • Register for an account on our website/forum.
    • Visit the recruitment section on the forum.
    • Complete application.


    504 VFS Official Emblem


    Original VVS 504 Official Emblem


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