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My First Blog

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To: All

Date: 17/11/2017

Title: 504 VFS Progress


Hey guys I thought i'd start using this blogging thing

So Lots of progress going on, the forum is looking fantastic and Chris has put an immense amount of effort in to it, I can't thank him enough for his efforts in this early period.

The squadron has a healthy level of activity at the moment, We aren't officially operational yet but we've taken on our new first recruit Lambo, I hope we get to do a lot more flying together soon.

Everything is taking shape at lightening pace, we really should be ready to launch at the same time as the AV-8. this really is a exciting time for me, and I hope we can make this as amazing as I know if can be.


Just like to give a shout out to Moto and Anzac for stepping up to be training officers and have taken the rank of Squadron Leader. both have some great ideas and directions for training and planning future events and missions. thanks guys for your efforts.


Just a quick blog, i'll try and make a weekly update on squadron events so stay tuned :-)



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