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  • 504 VFS - Campaigns

  • 504 VFS are very keen to ensure that our mission nights are fun, engaging and immersive. With that in mind we decided to design full back story driven campaigns alongside our single standalone missions. 

    These campaigns have us deployed in different theatres of war across the DCS available terrains. 

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  • Full Story Driven Campaigns - Each main campaign has a story, this allows everyone to be fully immersed in the backstory of the campaign. 

    Realistic Sorties - Very rarely do air forces have constant combat and tons of targets to hit. Sometimes orbiting an area, a show of force, JTAC tasking are much more realistic. We try to incorporate this into our mission design to make a slightly slower paced and realistic scenarios.

    Detailed Story Building Briefings - Each mission briefing for campaign missions will include story line which gives our missions a purpose and sets a scene. 

    Detailed After Action Reports - After each campaign mission a detailed after action report will be posted. This will explain what we performed well and poorly in, assisting us in improving our abilities for the next time. 

    Immersive Experience - These fictional back stories will allow for a more immersive experience for all involved. Knowing that our success or failure will directly affect the story line of the campaign, adds a new and interesting twist on a standard mission night. 

    Custom Units - Our designers are very good at what they do. Our air frames, vehicles and more may be custom skinned to fit the story of our campaigns. 

    Our Campaigns

    • Fully story driven campaigns.
    • Realistic scenarios.
    • Fun / Serious gameplay.
    • Full pre mission briefing documents.
    • Full after action report.
    • Dynamic weather and ever changing situations.



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