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  2. The Buccaneer S1 engines were pretty much power on demand but with the S2 engines there was a delay.
  3. Turbine engines take time to spool up and down when throttle inputs are made, next time you fly in DCS try it!! Piston engines are more instant in response, thats one of the reasons for a lot of jet aircraft crashes when they first started flying, especially in airliners. More modern day jet engines can respond quicker to inputs but there is still a delay or lag.
  4. You think that hornet pilot had twitchy the throttle control watch this guy!!
  5. I would rather have more power then less power...
  6. So not a very sensitive throttle maybe then?
  7. Hmmm thinking about it. They wouldnt spool to 100 percent and down to 40 percent like he is asking. So maybe big movements actually means small engine increase and decreases needed to fine tune the landing?? It made sense in my head. Not sure if it did in writing!!
  8. I'm surprised that the engines actually have a chance to even spool up and down as fast as he's using the throttle.
  9. Saw this the other day, great footage!! Didnt realise that they yank on the throttles like that!!
  10. Music in general

    I like anything with a good beat... except rap, hip hop, R & B stuff..
  11. As the title says if you are a fan of his style of guides (i am) then you will find this a good edition to have in your collection. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AxKvVeNgc1ddXa_xH9W8tEdAblI_Mc5i/view
  12. Music in general

    I'm just thinking what you guys like music wise? Personally im quite into wave synth at the moment and i think alot of it is born from watching alot of 80's TV shows as a young man! Some of you will know of Meteor who has been contracted to do the official soundtrack to the F14 module coming out at some point. A lot of his music is influenced by another artist call Carpenter Brut (french guy i think) who is also along that style of music. If any of you have seen a film called DRIVER which stars Ryan Gosling then you will also know that the soundtrack to that is also pretty good and features and artist called Kavinsky with a Song called "Nightcall". all of this is the same style of music and for some reason resonates with me at the moment. Id thought i would start here with his link as this is a good example of what im into at the moment. https://meteormusic.bandcamp.com/ I'd be interested to here what you all like and listen to!!
  13. New campaign mission available from the ED forums, looks interesting and i believe the author is doing a MP version in the coming weeks. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3134805/
  14. 2018-02-14 HOTFIX 3

    Well that sucks then...
  15. 2018-02-14 HOTFIX 3

    FYI - there is no map, just the menus.
  16. 2018-02-14 HOTFIX 3

    Latest updates, i'll leave the link here and you'll see why im a little pumped at the new WIP! https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=200724
  17. A2A refuel practice


    Sorry Guys! Still in some pain here.. I can sit for about 30 mins before it hurts Like a MoFo! While that is not good.. it's an improvement on my previous state! So I'm on the Mend, all be it slowly.. mind you, having to go to work everyday is not helping. anyway, I hope to beack flying with you guys soon! Have a great training Flight, I will be watching
  18. A2A refuel practice

    Hey guys Wednesday at 20:00 I’ll be running a training flight, objective will be A2A refuelling, and possibly some carrier operations (take off and landing) Please be in TS 19:45 for preflight briefing. map Caucus 2.5 please RSVP here if attending.
  19. mission stuff

  20. Defend GOri Version 2 RSVP

    Please reply with attending or not here please, so I can see numbers
  21. Falcon Heavy Test Launch!!!

    Awesome thanks for sharing mate!
  22. Falcon Heavy Test Launch!!!

    If anyone is interested in space technology or space exploration, history is going to be made today even if its a failure!! Space X is launching a rocket that is the most powerful in the world, in fact its twice as powerful as the last most powerful rocket!!! Here is the livestream for it!!
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