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  1. The Buccaneer S1 engines were pretty much power on demand but with the S2 engines there was a delay.
  2. I would rather have more power then less power...
  3. Music in general

    I like anything with a good beat... except rap, hip hop, R & B stuff..
  4. 2018-02-14 HOTFIX 3

    FYI - there is no map, just the menus.
  5. RC Harrier Prototype!!

    Use to be into RC cars and have one of them small indoor helichopper things....
  6. Another Major Security Flaw in Intel CPUs

    I'll see how good the new AMD chips are I think.
  7. Another Haggis Hunter!

  8. Happy New Year

    Yeah, Happy New year all......
  9. DCS World 2.5 and F/A 18 Livestream.

    Can't wait.
  10. DCS World 2.5 and F/A 18 Livestream.

    My alarm is already set...
  11. Performance in 2.2

    What's system your specs??
  12. il2 cliffs of dover Blitz

    mmmmm, Will need a another SSD to install anymore games.
  13. ARMA3 Tanks.

    Me likey...

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