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  1. A2A refuel practice

    Hey guys Wednesday at 20:00 I’ll be running a training flight, objective will be A2A refuelling, and possibly some carrier operations (take off and landing) Please be in TS 19:45 for preflight briefing. map Caucus 2.5 please RSVP here if attending.
  2. Defend GOri Version 2 RSVP

    Please reply with attending or not here please, so I can see numbers
  3. TacView Latest Version now available

    Awesome, thanks for the heads up
  4. 19/01/18 Open Flight Night 20:00

    it's no worry hopefully get you in next time :-)
  5. 19/01/18 Open Flight Night 20:00

    Hey guys it's been a while, sorry it never happened last Friday but I was literally on deaths door with the flu, So i'll be hosting a open flight night for all who want to join (MAX PLAYER LIMIT 20) Join Teamspeak at 19:50 Address is Temporary password for the night will be funflight Server will be 504VFS FUN FLIGHT same password as TS When on TS please remember that a live stream will also be in process, please keep language as sensible as possible, although some bad language is inevitable. Also please set a Press to talk key if you have a sensitive mic, listening to people chewing and scratching there arses won't be accepted (hot micing) you'll be warned, then kicked. Map will be NTTR (Nevada) several of all air-frames will be available. If you wish to take part please respond here so we can gauge numbers Thank you.
  6. Custom Helmet

    Do t know if we could have 2 Martins in the squadron like... 😉
  7. Lambo's Album!

    Some awesome pics lambo 😄
  8. DCS - Friday Fun Flight

    Well more is better right! Buy one get 2 free 😄

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