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  1. Hello from the haggis hunting grounds

    Hi Jojo, I've been simming for eons to, so we can be olde buggers together Best, Ben
  2. DCS 2.2 - Graphics Tweaking/Performance Increase (NTTR)

    Good tip, I'll try this today! Thanks.
  3. Hi from the North..ish!

    Thanks guys, look forward to flying with you.
  4. Harrier Crimbo.

    Thanks, I was playing around with the new effects to try and get a decent moody smoke/Harrier shot, kind of worked. Now I just need to learn how to fire the missiles and I'll be a happy bunny.
  5. DCS 2.5 release set for....

    Good news, hopefully I can get 1.X off the SSD and move 2.X/2.5 across instead. 2018 is looking good.
  6. Hi from London(ish)

    Hi mate, me too!
  7. Friday Night Fly In (Open Night) 08/12/17

    Hi Guys in TS, any pass for the server?
  8. Hi from the North..ish!

    Hi all I'm new to this group but have been in sims since the BBC Micro which means I'm a proper old crusty... I flying online and have been part of a VAT, although we only manage one display in the L39. I try and fly most nights as it gets me out of watching box sets I'm not a massive one for RTFM, but like some of the guys on here I learn more by doing rather than reading. Anyho, that's me, hope to meet a few of you soon.

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