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    Have the group tried this yet??? Looks Great!!
  2. 19/01/18 Open Flight Night 20:00

    Gents, Sorry...im at a 50th birthday party with family tonight. Hope to see you all Sunday though.
  3. Welcome. Another member of the old boys club here!!
  4. Another Haggis Hunter!

  5. Performance in 2.2

    Same here
  6. Hi from the North..ish!

  7. Hi from London(ish)

    London here too!! Welcome folks.
  8. DCS World Weekly News - 4

    Great video Chris. Clear, concise and factual. Great job!!
  9. Hawk's Favs

    Personal favorites and squad night captures.
  10. Hi!

    Hi Goon, Nice to meet you. Nows a good time to be getting back into DCS for sure!
  11. Birthday Boy

    Happy birthday Rus!!!
  12. MFCD Help Needed!

    Don't forget to share the answer please...
  13. TacView

    I think I already have it although no idea where my licence key will be anymore. I'm not fussed but if your on the border discount wise with order numbers I'll happily join in.

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