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  1. A2A refuel practice


    Sorry Guys! Still in some pain here.. I can sit for about 30 mins before it hurts Like a MoFo! While that is not good.. it's an improvement on my previous state! So I'm on the Mend, all be it slowly.. mind you, having to go to work everyday is not helping. anyway, I hope to beack flying with you guys soon! Have a great training Flight, I will be watching
  2. 19/01/18 Open Flight Night 20:00

    Hi Guys! wish I could have joined you this evening, but haven't got my hotas yet, and I'm loaded with the cold. Hopefully some day soon!
  3. VKB THROTTLE unveiled

    Hi Guys! Just came across this: VKB TECS THROTTLE CONTROL SYSTEM That looks like a very nice bit of kit, especially considering the reviews their Joysticks get... won't be cheap though
  4. Monitors

    I like it
  5. Monitors

    Hi Kai, the TV im using is THIS ONE!
  6. Monitors

    Currently running it on a 65" 4K HDR TV! and it's a thing of beauty!
  7. Custom Helmet

    Makes a nice change from the usual 3 Peters, or 4 Pauls!
  8. Hello from U.S.A.

    Hi William, nice to meet you.
  9. Custom Helmet

    Hey Guys! I know I haven't been accepted as a squadron member yet, but I decided to do a custom skin like I was.. hope you don't mind me using the SQUADRON logo!
  10. Another Haggis Hunter!

    Thanks Guys.
  11. 1000 Subs Giveaway Winner

    congrats on the success of your channel. Keep up the great work
  12. Hello from the haggis hunting grounds

    Hi Jojo Nice to meet a fellow Glaswegian!
  13. Another Haggis Hunter!

    Hi Everyone! Thought I post and introduce myself, and YES like the title suggests, I'm also from Glasgow. Seem like a great community you have going here, I look forward to becoming a part of it. Hope everyone had a great festive period, and is looking forward to the year ahead.

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