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  1. You think that hornet pilot had twitchy the throttle control watch this guy!!
  2. So not a very sensitive throttle maybe then?
  3. I'm surprised that the engines actually have a chance to even spool up and down as fast as he's using the throttle.
  4. As the title says if you are a fan of his style of guides (i am) then you will find this a good edition to have in your collection. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AxKvVeNgc1ddXa_xH9W8tEdAblI_Mc5i/view
  5. Music in general

    I'm just thinking what you guys like music wise? Personally im quite into wave synth at the moment and i think alot of it is born from watching alot of 80's TV shows as a young man! Some of you will know of Meteor who has been contracted to do the official soundtrack to the F14 module coming out at some point. A lot of his music is influenced by another artist call Carpenter Brut (french guy i think) who is also along that style of music. If any of you have seen a film called DRIVER which stars Ryan Gosling then you will also know that the soundtrack to that is also pretty good and features and artist called Kavinsky with a Song called "Nightcall". all of this is the same style of music and for some reason resonates with me at the moment. Id thought i would start here with his link as this is a good example of what im into at the moment. https://meteormusic.bandcamp.com/ I'd be interested to here what you all like and listen to!!
  6. New campaign mission available from the ED forums, looks interesting and i believe the author is doing a MP version in the coming weeks. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3134805/
  7. 2018-02-14 HOTFIX 3

    Well that sucks then...
  8. 2018-02-14 HOTFIX 3

    Latest updates, i'll leave the link here and you'll see why im a little pumped at the new WIP! https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=200724
  9. Falcon Heavy Test Launch!!!

    Awesome thanks for sharing mate!
  10. Big new patch....

    Downloading now mate, cant wait to give it a go!
  11. Good video pointing out improvements and new capabilities of the TPOD for the Harrier.
  12. Latest version now available for download http://www.tacview.net/download/
  13. Speed tree

    here is the new tech that ED are using in the new Caucus map! https://store.speedtree.com/games/

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