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  1. DCS with Oculus Rift capped at 45fps

    Good find bud. I'm looking to sell my rift, I just can't get on with it in DCS - Don't get me wrong, it's an incredible experience but I prefer TrackIR
  2. DCS World 504 VFS Brexit Cinematic

    Watched this a fair few times now >.<
  3. Harrier GR7 Airshow

    Shows some really nice control and talk on - Gave me some advice on nozzle control!
  4. Harrier Fun

    Just some pics taken from fun and training.
  5. Nav video by redkite

    Ah awesome! I'll have a proper look later on and take some notes!
  6. DCS World Weekly News - 4

    Very nice bud
  7. Spanish AV8b Cockpit view

    ^ Busted XD!
  8. 504 VFS Logo Wallpaper

    Looks good buddy!
  9. DCS Weekly News - 3

    "Happy harrier Eve...day..." Greatest intro ever
  10. Warship, Naval Strike Wing

    May have watch this the other night in bed >.<
  11. Birthday Boy

    Happy days bud! Love flying gliders, you're going to love it!
  12. Birthday Boy

  13. TacView

    Right Chaps, Ordered, I'm going to send you a PM with Key + Paypal email. £8.31 each
  14. TacView

    No worries buddy. Thanks for letting me know
  15. TacView

    Okay I'm going to order the keys in about an hour. So far 6 keys will be ordered. @Motosuwa @Smudge @Anzac @lambo93 @MrSloanes @Hawk ^ You guys are a yes. @Rusky @Laobi ^ Do you guys want in on this too? Last chance!

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