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  1. Turbine engines take time to spool up and down when throttle inputs are made, next time you fly in DCS try it!! Piston engines are more instant in response, thats one of the reasons for a lot of jet aircraft crashes when they first started flying, especially in airliners. More modern day jet engines can respond quicker to inputs but there is still a delay or lag.
  2. Hmmm thinking about it. They wouldnt spool to 100 percent and down to 40 percent like he is asking. So maybe big movements actually means small engine increase and decreases needed to fine tune the landing?? It made sense in my head. Not sure if it did in writing!!
  3. Saw this the other day, great footage!! Didnt realise that they yank on the throttles like that!!
  4. Falcon Heavy Test Launch!!!

    If anyone is interested in space technology or space exploration, history is going to be made today even if its a failure!! Space X is launching a rocket that is the most powerful in the world, in fact its twice as powerful as the last most powerful rocket!!! Here is the livestream for it!!
  5. RC Harrier Prototype!!

    Now i am into RC stuff!! I have built and flown my own RC helicopters and past few months just got into cars. But this video is a first!! Would love to build something like this!! Also any of you lot have any RC stuff??
  6. Lambo's Album!

    Just some screenshots from my adventures with you guys!!
  7. VKB THROTTLE unveiled

    That last picture is some serious bit of kit!! Would be really good though by the looks of it
  8. Small news no biggie

    Im not complaining about the price, as i know alot of work goes into making these modules. I will probably end up getting this module too. But i can also see it being a deterrent for new or less experienced users. They may not want to pay that much if they feel they cannot get enough out of it. And don't get me started on triple A games!!! I really hate the current state of the gaming industry!!!
  9. We all know how it works and flies. But another good video with some great information on the harrier.
  10. Small news no biggie

    Wow $80!!! I feel that is a bit steep. However the modules are just getting better and better everytime!! And i suppose they have spent alot of time to update the Caucasus map aswell.
  11. 1000 Subs Giveaway Winner

    Good job in the growth of your channel!! Its come from no where!
  12. INTEL cpu security flaw and performance loss

    Looking like it could be a problem to sort? Im wondering if this is coming out just before intel push out a new range of CPUs. But its still a stupid play if it is!! Its going to hurt them alot!! Will have to see if the performance hit is going to be as bad as they say.
  13. Dont think i had a huge problem but this does highlight it!! Will certainly check this out!
  14. DCS World 2.5 and F/A 18 Livestream.

    Here are the two streams from Matt, and WOW!!!! Its looking alot better than i thought it would!! This second one quickly shows off the rockets and gun as well as some of the vape effects.
  15. Monitors

    Through some things i have seen. Some large 4K monitors can be mega money!! Much more than larger 4K TVs. TVs generally have a much higher refresh rate, Which may be good for slow paced games and films. But rubbish for action and faced paced stuff with a lot of moving components. Be careful if you are looking at TVs, because they do not stick with a common refresh rate system. Samsung use their own unit to measure refresh rate rather than using the normal milisecond unit. I think LG and another company use a different unit too. It is really hard to try and work out what they actually are. I personally do not see a point in running games at more than 1080p at this time. Unless you have a really good PC that can run things at a high frame rate and settings. I just use a standard 1080p monitor with 60Hz refresh rate. I have been looking at possibly 1440p or an ultrawide monitor. but then you open up a can of worms with aspect ratio problems!! Don't get me wrong, 4K is stunning! i have a 4K tv but only use it for TV, Films etc.

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