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Case II Recovery Low Visibility with Pitching Deck - F18

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Hmmm thinking about it. They wouldnt spool to 100 percent and down to 40 percent like he is asking. 

So maybe big movements actually means small engine increase and decreases needed to fine tune the landing?? 


It made sense in my head. Not sure if it did in writing!!

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22 hours ago, Rusky said:

So not a very sensitive throttle maybe then?

Turbine engines take time to spool up and down when throttle inputs are made, next time you fly in DCS try it!!

Piston engines are more instant in response, thats one of the reasons for a lot of jet aircraft crashes when they first started flying, especially in airliners.


More modern day jet engines can respond quicker to inputs but there is still a delay or lag.

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