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Music in general

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I'm just thinking what you guys like music wise?

Personally im quite into wave synth at the moment and i think alot of it is born from watching alot of 80's TV shows as a young man! Some of you will know of Meteor who has been contracted to do the official soundtrack to the F14 module coming out at some point. A lot of his music is influenced by another artist call Carpenter Brut (french guy i think) who is also along that style of music. If any of you have seen a film called DRIVER which stars Ryan Gosling then you will also know that the soundtrack to that is also pretty good and features and artist called Kavinsky with a Song called "Nightcall". all of this is the same style of music and for some reason resonates with me at the moment.

Id thought i would start here with his link as this is a good example of what im into at the moment.


I'd be interested to here what you all like and listen to!!

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